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Ann + Reeves 12 Days of Christmas Starting 12/1!


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How To Style Christmas Card Photos

Believe it or not, Christmas is almost here, which means it’s time to think about Christmas card photos! Whether you have already booked a professional photography session or you’re going to get your neighbor to quickly snap your photo in your front yard, let us help you have the prettiest Christmas card photo in town! Read more to discover our tips on what to wear, how to pose, and how to make it fun for the kids! 

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What To Wear

Start with one outfit and then you can build upon that. No matter how formal you want your pictures to look, we have 3 new Christmas designs that are perfect for Christmas card photos. 

Our Christmas Toile by Lauren Bisaccio is an elegant design made for elegant family photos and other Christmas celebrations. The green and white design is a classic you’ll love for years. 

Our Santa Claus Collection is a traditional red gingham with smocked Santas and is a great option for a jolly Christmas card. The Santa Collection is also a great option for every day in December! 

Our Nutcracker Collection is a sweet pink gingham for the ladies and blue gingham for the gents. The smocking features nutcrackers, candy canes, and snowmen for a winter wonderland look! 

Once you decide what your kiddos are wearing, find something in that color pallet to keep the photos cohesive. You want to look like you’re coordinated, but not too matchy! If you want to keep the color palette really neutral, here’s what we recommend: for moms, go for a simple winter white to keep the photos light. Think khakis and a blue button down or polo for the men. To up the festive look, find a chic red dress for moms and a dad can wear a green button down, polo, or quarter-zip. 

How To Pose

Never stop smiling!

Even if your kid is crying, it’s important to keep smiling. It only takes one second to get the perfect shot, so it’s important for mom and dad to always smile!

Play with your kids

Toss them in the air, hold them over your head, spin them, give them kisses! These are great ways to get your kids to laugh and smile naturally throughout the photography session. 

Cozy up

Snuggle up, hold hands, kiss. You might feel silly at the moment, but you’ll love the results later.

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Make It Fun!

Photoshoots don’t have to be a drag! But we do recommend keeping them short and sweet to keep the kids happy. Be sure to plan accordingly around nap times and meal times; there is no one harder to cheer up than a hungry, tired baby! We’ve listed some of our favorite ways to keep kids entertained and make photoshoots fun. 

  1. Have your kids tell their favorite joke! 
  2. Pack toys that make them smile, like bubble wands, baby blankets, rattles, and pacifiers. 
  3. Let them get behind the camera! We can guarantee that everyone will be laughing and smiling at the outcome. 
  4. Ask your photographer to start with the posed photos, then do the candid ones! This will prevent your kids from being overly silly when it’s time to pose and smile at the camera. 
  5. Take your kids out for a treat after! There’s no better way to keep your kid focused on getting a great picture like the promise of an ice cream cone later. 

So, are you ready for your family photo session? Be sure to shop the Christmas collection and get everything all set for the perfect Christmas card photos! We can’t wait to see them! Share your photos with us on Instagram and tag @annreeveskids and #annreevescelebrates.

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