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What's In A Name?

We sat down with our founder, Elizabeth Kendrick, to ask her about the beginnings of Ann + Reeves, how it all started and what’s to come! Ann + Reeves was created out of a joy and love for celebrating. Elizabeth was having trouble finding outfits for her daughter that celebrated every occasion, so she began designing them herself. Her neighborhood friends and family loved them, and Ann + Reeves quickly took off. Ann + Reeves is all about celebrating and making memories! We hope this post inspires you to create memories and traditions with your family around life’s special moments, big and small. 

Elizabeth Kendrick

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How did Ann + Reeves begin?  I started Ann + Reeves Kids when I was on maternity leave with my daughter, Margaret. Dressing her was so much fun and I kept coming up with ideas for outfits I wanted to make her. With lots of help from my friends, family and our neighborhood, Ann + Reeves Kids grew really fast. 

What's Ann + Reeves mission? Celebrate every day! We love having fun and celebrating in our family! Our clothes are meant to be worn every day - from the playground to school to a special occasion. 

Ann + Reeves parents

How did you name the company? My inspiration for Ann + Reeves came from my childhood - my mom and dad loved to celebrate everything we did. I wanted our brand to embody all of the fun memories I have of being a kid. In honor of my parents, Ann + Reeves Kids is named after them. Ann is my mom's middle name and Reeves is my dad's. Those names though have been trickled down through our family - Ann is my middle name and my daughter's. My son goes by his middle name, Reeves.

Were you always interested in starting a business? Honestly, no! I had no idea the passion I would have for starting this until it happened. I loved solving puzzles and my career has been based on helping businesses improve their operations. I think putting those two things together with my love for my littles got me here!

How do you balance motherhood and entrepreneurship? There's no perfect answer for balancing motherhood and entrepreneurship. I try to make sure I have time set aside for my family that is non-negotiable. Everything else can fit in around that. I find that if I give myself time with my family, then I'm happier doing the work anyways!

What's currently inspiring you? I'm newly invigorated with boy clothing ideas! Having Reeves reminded me that boys can dress cute too! I'm working on upping our game there!

What's next for Ann + Reeves? We are pairing my love for all things preppy and Margaret's love for playground clothes to expand the line in 2024!

Elizabeth as a child


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While you’re celebrating and making fun family traditions, wear your favorite Ann + Reeves outfit. Share your celebrations on Instagram and tag @annreeveskids and #annreevescelebrates so we can celebrate with you!

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