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Behind The Puppy Love Print

Our bestselling Puppy Love print was designed and painted by Evelyn Henson, the talented artist based in Charlotte, NC. We sat down with her to hear more about what inspired her for this fun print we all adore!

Evelyn Henson artist

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? I grew up in Columbus, GA and always had a love for all things creative. I first discovered my love for painting after attempting a floral still life as a Mother’s Day gift in 2013 and haven’t put down the paintbrush since. I now paint art, stationery, gifts, and wallpaper designed to bring sunshine to homes and families for years to come. 

    Can you give us the run down on how you turned your passion for art and turned it into a career? I started with an Etsy shop where I sold original works and prints. As the print sales grew, I added to my product line, growing to include mugs, stationery, and eventually wallpaper. 

    What does a day in your work life look like? I try to split the day between “computer tasks” and painting. If I paint in the morning, I’ll knock out everything else in the afternoon–everything from emails, customer service, product development, contracts, and marketing related tasks. 

    How did the Puppy Love artwork and inspiration come to be? What does collaborating with a brand look like for you? I grew up with four dogs and always get joy painting them! The “Puppy love” print was born when I was brainstorming wallpaper patterns for my debut collection. I really wanted to include a pattern that featured dogs within a single color palette and began experimenting with different “all blue” dogs and “all pink” dogs.   

    IF (we know it’s hard!) you had to pick your favorite Puppy from the Puppy Love pack, which one would it be? There is a tiny yorkie on there inspired by my lifelong BFF Rocky. My family got him when I was in highschool, and I took him to live with me when I moved into my first apartment post-college. He was such a special friend to me and it makes me so happy to paint him in my work. It’s my way of always keeping him with me even though he has passed. 

    Where do you draw your inspiration from? I love how Picasso said “inspiration exists but it has to find you working,” because, the more I paint, the more inspired I am by my everyday surroundings, whether it’s the flowers I see on a walk or thinking about what to gift a friend. I also love flipping through coffee table books of botanicals, shells, interior design, and all things nature. 

    What has been bringing you joy lately? Passing a neighbor’s zinnias on morning walks, iced coffee, thinking about wedding planning, cooking new recipes, and photos of my sister’s new puppy. 

    How do you unwind from a long work day? A long walk outside and/or a bubble bath. Maybe some ice cream too. 

    What’s next on the horizon for you - both personally and professionally? Personally, I just got engaged a few weeks ago so I’ll be planning a wedding over the next year! I am hoping it inspires my work as I brainstorm stationery and other fun paper products that are involved in this season of life. Professionally, I’ve been working on launching fabric and should have that available on my website this Fall :) 

    Rapid Fire Round:
    Podcast or music while working? OR Podcast of choice? Taylor Swift for music and How’d she Do That for podcasts 
    Favorite restaurant in Charlotte? Indaco 
    Cocktail of choice? Spicy margarita 
    Favorite sneaker? Vejas 
    Your next dream vacation? The Amalfi Coast 
    Latest saved photo on IG? A dog photo from @PicturesISawandLoved

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