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#annreevescelebrates School Accomplishments

Here at Ann + Reeves, we’re all about celebrating! Our Back-To-School collection is good for more than just your child’s first day. Awards and special ceremonies are a year-round occurrence at school - events like picture day, honor code ceremonies, and so much more. Dressing up in an on-theme outfit is what we love, and it makes every day a celebration. School accomplishments are a huge part of our child’s lives, so we have a few fun ways that #annreevescelebrates these special occasions. 

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Create Family Traditions: 

Lee, of @DoSayGive, has created the cutest guide to creating a school-bus cake. The bus is vanilla cake and colored yellow icing. Next, pipe black icing for the windshield and windows. Make a face with vanilla wafers, for the bus driver and students. Add Oreos for wheels and red & yellow M&Ms for lights! See Lee’s website for the full instructions! 

Create a family tradition like baking and decorating this adorable cake when the beginning of the school year rolls around. It will make going back to school something to look forward to for your kids! Even bake this darling cake as school goes back after the Holidays. This can be a hard time for kids to get excited going back to school, but a fun celebration with family makes the transition a little easier!

Special Breakfast Celebration: 

Award ceremonies happen year-round at school, celebrate with a special breakfast on the days when celebrations arise. Funfetti pancakes are everyone’s favorite, and we love this recipe from Confetti & Bliss. If making breakfast isn’t your specialty, treat your kids to a special breakfast at Waffle House, IHOP, or your town’s local breakfast joint! It’s such a fun way to give your child another thing to look forward to on these exciting day! Make the morning extra special as you send your child to the bus stop! We can just see it now: your son or daughter telling all the other kids about the delicious celebration breakfast that morning! 

Get Your Kids Involved: 

When school celebrations arise, get your kids involved by scrapbooking the event! Keep themed scrapbooking supplies on hand. With a polaroid camera, snap a photo of your child with the award when he or she gets home from school. Spend the next 30 minutes to an hour decorating your scrapbook page with stickers, washi tape, and write the award name, date, and grade year on the top of the page. This is a very special way to prolong the excitement! 

How To:

This scrapbook album is an adorable place to get started. With its cute “ABC, 123” hard exterior, it’s sure to last you through the years. You can’t scrapbook without great on-theme stickers. We love this pack that includes calculators (to celebrate learning arithmetic), the cursive alphabet (to celebrate learning their ABCs), “star student” and “way to go!” stickers (to celebrate excellent grades)! There is so much fun to be had while personalizing each scrapbook page throughout the year. Look back on last year’s achievements at the beginning of each school year! 

Shop The Back-To-School Collection

Wear the Ann + Reeves smocked crayon collection for special school achievement celebrations. Don’t forget to show off these spectacular accomplishments on Instagram. Tag @annreevekids and #annreevescelebrates, so we can celebrate alongside you and your children! 

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Don’t forget to celebrate everyday!
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