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Kickoff Your Kid’s Game Day Wardrobe

Game day in the south is like an escape from the monotony of the real world. They say in the south “there are four seasons: winter, spring, summer, and football.” Smokers and grills are getting fired up before the sun starts to rise, camaraderie is in the air and everyone is dressed to the nines in their team colors. Putting special effort into game day attire for yourself and your children is one of the many reasons game day is a big deal in the south. We spend the whole week planning what to wear to the next game! 

Every team has their own traditions, game day rituals, and (crazy?) superstitions. Clemson players rub Howard’s Rock for good luck as they run down The Hill onto the field. Aggie’s fans attend a Midnight Yell at midnight the night before their home games. Auburn fans roll Toomer’s Corner after a win. One of the coolest, and sweetest, traditions is The Hawkeye Wave at The Univeristy of Iowa. Between the third and fourth quarter of every home game, fans turn to wave to the patients at the nearby children’s hospital. Traditions like these, and so many others, truly make College Football so special. 

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Now that college football is in full swing, we’re here to ensure that your kiddo’s wardrobe is a touch down! We have styles for every team from Texas to South Carolina. The start of football season is still warm outside, especially during those noon games. You want your little one to be comfortable and cool while still repping your favorite team. Whether it’s game day or graduation, celebrate all of your collegiate moments with these winning looks for your little ones!

P.S. - if we are sold out of your favorite team, just email us at

We’re excited to feature Ann + Reeves owner and founder on today’s blog - she shares her own game day traditions, tailgating stories and how #annreevescelebrates. Read on for a fun Q&A with Elizabeth. 

Where did you go to college? 


What team do you cheer for and what's your biggest rivalry? 

I’ve been a lifelong University of Texas fan. I also cheer for Auburn for my husband! Biggest rivals for me are the Texas A&M Aggies!

Favorite gameday tradition? 

I grew up watching UT games and eating dinner with my grandparents. I think my grandfather may have been their biggest fan. I also love a fun tailgate - something I learned in college as Vanderbilt may not have been the best at football, but we knew how to have a good time before the game!

What’s the earliest you’ve gotten up to tailgate? 

Oh yikes! My first football game in college, my date picked me up at 7am! 

Favorite tailgate food? 

I’d probably say chips and queso… or maybe a similar dip - like that Creamy sausage queso dip - sausage, velveeta, rotel, onions, and cream cheese! So easy and everyone loves it.

What gameday outfit will Margaret be wearing on gameday this year? 

We started the season repping Auburn for dad, but this game day we will be in our Texas gear!

So, who are you cheering for this season? How are you celebrating football season in Ann + Reeves this year? Let us know over on Instagram with #annreevescelebrates @annreeveskids. 

We’re all about celebrating here, and game day is one of the biggest celebrations in the south. It’s a weekly party where friends and family gather, make memories, and (hopefully) celebrate their teams win! We’d love to know your game day traditions! Post your little one in Ann + Reeves and tag us @annreeveskids and #annreevescelebrates to show us how you celebrate! 

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