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#annreevescelebrates: Cinco de Mayo

It’s almost summer and almost time for Cinco de Mayo! Ann + Reeves Kids is all about celebrating any occasion we can find, and we love the chance to eat some tacos and queso! We also love creating traditions with our family and bringing you ideas of how to celebrate with yours. While you wear your festive outfits, add in some fun activities that your little ones won’t forget for years to come.  We’re sharing how #annreevescelebrates Cinco de Mayo to get you inspired for the holiday. Be sure to share how you celebrate on social media by tagging @annreeveskids and #annreevescelebrates.

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Eat Mexican Food for Dinner 

Ann + Reeves Founder, Elizabeth, always celebrates with a Mexican dinner, whether it’s homemade or out at their favorite Mexican restaurant. Tacos are such an easy dinner to make that they have become a staple in many families’ homes on Tuesday, hence Taco Tuesday! Elizabeth makes an amazing homemade queso dip that her family opts for every Taco Tuesday and especially on Cinco de Mayo. Her family’s vote for the best home-cooked queso is a simple mix of Velveeta and Rotel mixed in a double boiler (and margaritas for mom in a non-pregnancy year)!

mexican food

Celebrate with a Piñata

Elizabeth’s daughter, Margaret, has recently become enamored with piñatas and The Pinata Song called Dale, Dale, Dale. They are planning on celebrating Cinco de Mayo with a piñata party! You can either purchase a piñata or make a simple paper bag piñata at home. All you need is a paper lunch sack, newspaper pages, colored tissue paper, scissors, tape, twine, a hole punch and candy! Fill the paper bag with candy and newspaper clippings, decorate it with fringed tissue paper and hang it up for even the smallest children of the family to enjoy! 

pinata and pinata outfits

Make Churros

Want to celebrate with a dessert but running low on time? We love this super simple churro recipe using Pillsbury Crescent Rolls. Lay them out and top half with melted butter and cinnamon sugar. Then, cover the cinnamon sugar with the other halves of crescent rolls.  Using a pizza cutter, cut each section into 5 or 6 strips, twist them together and then place them on a baking sheet. Bake at 325 degrees until golden brown, about 8-10 minutes. Finally, cover with another layer of butter and cinnamon sugar and enjoy! 

Wear Your Fiesta Outfits or Make A Poncho

We love an excuse to dress for a special occasion! For Cinco de Mayo, wear whatever you have that features tacos and sombreros, or dress up in your favorite Ann + Reeves Fiesta outfit. This year, we released two fiesta collections including Piñata Party and Olé Olé. Top them off with a DIY Mexican poncho your kids can design themselves! 

Ann + Reeves fiesta outfits with smocked pinatas, cacti, sombreros and maracas

Make DIY Maracas and Listen To Your Favorite Mexican Music

Margaret is loving the Dale, Dale, Dale song! Your family can make its own DIY maracas to sing and dance along to Dale, Dale, Dale and other traditional Mexican songs. To make the maracas, fill plastic eggs with dry ingredients like dried beans. This is a great fine motor activity for little hands! Put two plastic spoons together with the heads of the spoons facing and tape the handles with decorative washi tape. Open the heads of the spoons slightly to tuck the egg inside. Wrap your egg with washi tape so it’s secured to the spoons. Now you’re ready to make music! 

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While you’re celebrating and making fun family traditions, wear your favorite Ann + Reeves fiesta outfit. Do you and your family have any fun Cinco de Mayo traditions? Share your celebrations on Instagram and tag @annreeveskids and #annreevescelebrates so we can celebrate with you.

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