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September Baby Boom: How To Welcome Your Little One & Prep Your Nursery Closet

September is a very popular birthday month! In fact, 11 of the most popular birthdays are in September, and the most babies are born on September 9th than any other day in the year! As we begin to welcome all of these new September babies, we want to make sure your nursery is well prepared for baby’s arrival. Here are some top tips to prepare your nursery closet to welcome your new little one!

Stock Supplies

It’s true, babies don’t require all of the excess gear, but they do go through a ton of supplies that you’ll want to have on hand. Starting with diapers, make sure you are stocked with at least a case of size 1 diapers. The hospital should supply you with some size 1s or newborn size, but since babies can dirty 8-10 diapers a day, they go quickly! Each little baby bum also responds differently to diaper cream ingredients, so it’s best to have several types on hand so you can keep that baby bum protected. Bath soaps, lotion and classic vaseline or aquaphor are helpful to have on hand too. 

Wash Onesies and Prep Pajamas

For the first little bit, babies sleep a ton. Your new bundle of joy will be most comfortable in onesie pajamas that cover their toes and hands. Newborn gowns are also a game changer for diaper changes - Not only are they very pretty to wear, they’re also a convenient outfit for quick diaper changes if you have a quick family visit and are perfect for quick overnight diaper changes to keep things easy for a tired mom and dad! Our Little Baby Collection features baby blankets and matching newborn gowns in beautifully hand painted prints of pink and blue and are ready to ship, arriving to you in less than a week. 

Organize & Hang Special Occasion Outfits

For maximum convenience, it’s so nice to have outfits organized by size. If you have matching sets, we recommend pairing those together so you avoid the stress of having to search for a missing pair of matching bloomers or shorts. It could also be a great idea to sort by season, if you can get an idea of how big your little one will be through each Summer/Fall/Winter/Spring season. Do you have some all season, special occasion pieces (like Ann + Reeves Kids custom smocked bubble or personalized jon jon) that you want to make sure your little one wears? Keep those front and center! It will make you happy to see them when you open their closet, and you will also have that outfit top of mind for that special family get together, or fall pictures or something else you’d like your little one dressed up for. 

Utilize Toy Bins

It may seem silly that your newborn baby would need toys, but trust us - stuffed animals start to acquire early, and it’s nice to have a place to store those sweet little bedtime books so you can begin to add story time into your nightly routine through the early days. Tummy time gadgets and teethers also start to multiply, so having a few toy bins on a bottom shelf in your closet will help keep things tidy.

Organizing a baby’s closet can feel like a big job, and probably falls as one of the last ‘nesting’ projects on your list. We’re working hard to create a guide for how to stock your little ones closet, with instruction on how to get the most ‘bang for your buck’ for what sizes you may want to consider more for those special occasion outfits - More closet tips coming with next weeks blog, so stay tuned!

Is your baby’s closet stocked and organized, and ready to welcome your new bundle complete with a custom outfit front and center? Share your picture on Instagram and tag @annreeveskids so we can see how your little one will be ready to celebrate!

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